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Company News

2015 spring joint fire drill

To further enhance employees ' awareness of fire safety, improve combat skills, May 25 staff joint fire-fighting Squadron fire emergency drills were held.

Hu Tai Tung instructor to all participating in the exercise of the fire Squadron personnel to explain in detail the fire code, initial fire fighting, use of fire-fighting equipment, and the fire escape, first aid and other fire safety knowledge and demonstrates the use of the fire extinguisher. We listen carefully and watched, staff personally experience the process of live fire, flaming fire, very bravely, and follow the instructor explain fire extinguishing procedures and methods to quickly put out the fire. In a simulated escape exercise, the atmosphere, serious and tense, keep employees and firefighters ' active cooperation, ultimately "trapped" all were rescued. At this point, the "spring fire drill" to a successful conclusion.

Through this exercise, set the "nip" concept and strong awareness of fire safety, obey fire laws, and actively carry out the implementation of fire prevention measures, in seeking to prevent fires from occurring at the same time, effective fire fighting and emergency preparedness work, combining fire prevention and fire fighting, avoiding and reducing loss of life and property caused by fire.

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