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About Us

Huizhou Kewei chemical company is a professional manufacturer engaged in chemical solvents for large companies, our research and development, production, transport and sales as a whole. And has a large warehouse yard, and a number of special warehouses for dangerous goods, covers an area of 30000 square meters, registered capital of 3.8 million, the production employs 150 people, team 5, transporting teams of 20 people, the sales team of 30 people.

This company production business of chemical solvent varieties complete, main has: methanol, and different c alcohol, and mixed c alcohol, and are butanol, and different butanol, and ethanol, and different acetone alcohol, and ethylene glycol, and c II alcohol, and toluene, and rough toluene, and xylene, and three toluene, and four toluene, and acetone, and d ketone, and ring has ketone, and different fluoride, ketone, and methyl different butyl ketone, and II different butyl ketone, and acetate d ester, and acetate are c ester, and SEC ester, and acetate b ester, and acetate methyl ester, and II price vinegar ester, and c II alcohol methyl ester, and carbonate II methyl ester, and white electric oil (6#, and 120#), and 200# solvent oil, and Cyclohexane, methyl cyclohexane, kerosene, water-proof, anti-white, D30, D40 solvent solvent, trichloroethylene, ethylene tetrachloride, dichloromethane, Octyl acetate, styrene and other organic solvents.

The company adhere to the credibility for this place, good faith as a source of development, law, be bold, and domestic and foreign enterprises to establish economic and trade relations. And Samsung, Bridgestone, Schneider, TCL and other multinational suppliers. And wing base chemical is concentrated on this industry for nearly 20 years, in the Pearl River Delta and the country has a greater visibility and influence.

Integrity, quality as the life of the company, professional is considered most competitive, good industry role model, was seen as the company's biggest honor.

Kewei chemical, focus on industry for 20 years, is worthy of your trust and expectations of the company.

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